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Commercial Security Guard Services Georgia and Texas

The Georgia and Texas Security Guard Patrols You Can Trust

The staff here at Capital Guard Security is committed to helping businesses and areas get the protection they need. With certified officers and years of experience under our belt, we provide professional and dedicated services to commercial clients. We can offer Roving patrol for clients such as neighborhoods or schools, or we can provide contractual services for one-time instances such as special events. Every one of our clients receives a personalized treatment so that their Georgia and Texas security guard services are effective.

Special Events

We have experience working closely with venues to help monitor golf course events. Our main goal is to monitor to ensure safety so that everyone in attendance has a good time. We value the importance of community and entertainment, which is why we feel that Georgia and Texas special event security is essential. The security guard patrols of Capital Guard Security are ready to make your upcoming event one that is safe.


Whether for public school, or hospital transportation, our officers are ready to assist when needed. Everyone on staff is trained to properly and safely handle the severity of situations – such as transporting inmates who need medical attention at a hospital.


From HOA communities to gated neighborhoods and Country Clubs, we can assist in monitoring your residential community. The officers at Capital Guard Security are able to keep your community protected and safe by offering on-foot and vehicular monitoring. To uphold the value of your community, we are ready to help protect your common areas and the residents who use such conveniences.


Our experience with commercial security ranges from construction sites to retail monitoring. With a vast amount of training and experience, our officers will assuredly keep your assets, customers, employees and facility safe.

Personalized Georgia and Texas Security Guard Solutions

We understand that your situation is a unique one, and we want you to have success that way. That’s whywe visit every site we’re hired to monitor ahead of time. We analyze and assess the situation and area so that your company gets the most effective security guard service in Georgia and Texas possible.

Customer Service is Our Priority

When you work with Capital Guard Security, we want you to know that you’re our top priority. We love our clients and feel that their satisfaction is incredibly valuable. Our staff is friendly, approachable and ready to help solve whatever problems you may have.

Capital Guard Security is Ready to Protect You Today

Whatever your needs are, we are committed to fulfilling them. As an experienced security guard company in Georgia and Texas, you can trust the professionals at Capital Guard Security.To get started with the most trusted security company in Georgia and Texas, contact us today at 770-880-6389 or 770-545-2466.