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As the owner or manager of a residential community, the best perk you can offer your residents is the benefit of security. While surveillance cameras can give the community’s residents a sense of security, enlisting the services of a security guard company can deter crimes. Whether high-rise buildings, gated communities, HOAs or condominiums, the trained staff at Capital Guard Security can provide reliable security services for your residential community.

Residential Security Services

From auto break-ins to low-level crimes, our residential security services can help deter unwanted activity in your community. Through patrolling, surveillance and 24/7 monitoring available, investing in security services is critical in keeping your residents and community safe at all times. By adding residential security services, you will lower the risk of crimes and raise the appeal of your community, enabling you to attract target residents.

Qualified Security Guard Services

Every officer at Capital Guard Security is required to complete our extensive training program, which is led by military and law enforcement officers. To best assist and protect our clients, this crime awareness and prevention training program includes:

Bomb Threats and Materials
Fire Control and Prevention
First Aid
Hazardous Materials
Badge Monitoring
Gate Controls-Entry/Exit Security
Incident Responses to Emergencies
Operation of CCTV, Alarm, Access Control and Electronic Surveillance Systems
Patrol and Observation
Report Writing
Building Security
Gate Guard Security

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As an experienced residential security company, Capital Guard Security is ready to help protect your community today. If you’re looking to take the step to improve your property, contact us today at 770-880-6389 or 770-545-2466. A live representative is ready to take your call, and we are excited to help take your residential community to the next level.