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Warehouse Security Guard

Manufacturing and Warehouse Security Guard Services To Safe guard Your Largest Assets

Not even the largest online retailers are protected from theft. Recently Amazon came under close scrutiny for what some deemed as questionable practices for dealing with employee theft. But, whether you agree with their methods or not, one thing is certain inventory shrinkage and cargo theft are critical threats to manufacturing and warehouse security. Daily the needs for a warehouse security officers increase for these environments.

At Capital Guard Security we are experienced to address the complex issues that surround providing security for both manufacturing and warehouse needs. Each require unique security solutions that cannot be solved with a one-size fits all approach.

Warehouse Security Guard Needs

Just recently the Federal Government released statistics that reflect cargo theft makes up for $15-30 BILLION in company losses each year. And of that number, unfortunately only about 20% of inventory is ever recovered. Warehouses are especially vulnerable due to the wide access and opportunity for theft to occur. From drivers making deliveries to employees in the distribution chain, inventory shrink can occur at any point.

At Capital Guard Security we are trained and experienced to see areas of risk and provide strategic security solutions to address points where employee theft can occur. Whether the needs are for video surveillance and monitoring to company site access, our warehouse security officers are there to safe guard your assets from arrival to delivery.

Manufacturing Security Needs Can Surpass Just Needing A Warehouse Security Guard

While warehouse security can be a significant part of the needs for a manufacturing environment, protection of data security, trade secrets and intellectual property can be even more critical. Intellectual property is what can give your company the competitive edge and often the value of these assets can far surpass that of inventory.

At Capital Guard Security we are experienced in providing security consultation, risk assessment and dynamic solutions that keep your manufacturing environment secure. Often these solutions can include not only top of industry warehouse security guard placement but, also the use of the latest security technology and communication devices.

Trained by military and law enforcement, Capital Guard Security’s team is prepared for any scenario. Whether normal security action our team of professionals is equipped to handle all aspects that can occur in the manufacturing and warehouse environments.

Our services include:

  • Loss Prevention
  • Guest Check-in
  • Badge Monitoring
  • Uniformed Security Guard Services
  • Undercover Officers
  • Video Surveillance
  • Operations Monitoring
  • Traffic-Parking Control
  • Delivery Checks
  • Alarm Verification
  • Entrance Access Control
  • Office Monitoring

Qualified Security Guard Services

Our team is trained and ready to assist and protect your commercial building. Not only are all of our officers CPR-certified for your safety, but they are also required to complete our certification course, which is led by military and law enforcement officers. This crime awareness and prevention training includes:

Bomb Threats and Materials
Fire Control and Prevention
First Aid
Hazardous Materials
Badge Monitoring
Gate Controls-Entry/Exit Security
Incident Responses to Emergencies
Operation of CCTV, Alarm, Access Control and Electronic Surveillance Systems
Patrol and Observation
Report Writing
Building Security
Gate Guard Security

Capital Guard Security Offers Dependable Retail Security Services

At Capital Guard Services, our security teams are trained to provide the highest-level of security for manufacturing and warehouse companies. Working closely with your leaders in your operations team, we can provide security solutions that start with a warehouse security officers and finish with a unique, professional security solution. Working both with the latest technology available in the industry and a team of expert security professionals, Capital Guard Security can assure your company has the tightest security protection in your industry.