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Patrolling and Guarding Construction Sites

Unfortunately, construction sites can be target locations for crime and theft, especially when valuable materials such as various forms of metal are on site. The trained guards at Capital Guard Security are ready to help keep your construction site protected with our proven services. Through vehicular monitoring, camera surveillance and on-foot patrolling, we are trained to identify, respond to and handle suspicious activity – all designed to help deter crimes and theft. As a part of our required training program, all our guards are able to comply with OSHA regulations. As the most trusted security company for construction sites, count on the pros from Capital Guard Security to protect your site.

Construction Site Security Guard and Monitoring Services

Each of our clients receives a customized security solution, which is determined by their individual needs. Some solutions that we typically implement on construction sites are fire safety, patrol vehicles, parking lot security, video surveillance and attendance booth officers. To make the most of our efforts and ensure safety, we offer on-site cameras with monitoring, a virtual security officer service and surveillance through drones. All our efforts are designed to keep your assets safe while deterring crime and theft. Our construction site security services are headed by trained and experienced officers who are committed to giving your site the attention it deserves.

Qualified and Experienced Security Guard Services

Our goal is to protect your construction site by any means. To achieve that,all of our officers are CPR-certified for your safety, and they are also required to complete our certification course, which is led by military and law enforcement officers. This crime awareness and prevention training includes:

Bomb Threats and Materials
Fire Control and Prevention
First Aid
Hazardous Materials
Badge Monitoring
Gate Controls-Entry/Exit Security
Incident Responses to Emergencies
Operation of CCTV, Alarm, Access Control and Electronic Surveillance Systems
Patrol and Observation
Report Writing
Building Security
Gate Guard Security

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